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Rewards Program

Members earn 5 points for every $1.00 spent at a participating Café. Points are earned automatically when Members pay with the App. If Members do not want to pay with the App, they can earn points by checking in at the register (just tap "Scan" then tap "Check In" and Members will need to show their phone to the cashier). When placing orders through the App for pick up or delivery, Members will automatically earn points based on the order total. Any The Coffee Bean® Card purchases or charitable donations will not be counted towards earned points total or tier.
For Members that had the previous version of the App, all unredeemed points will convert to the new points system. To figure out how the points migrate from the old to the new App, simply subtract the “Reward in X pts” value from 50 (for Purple) or from 40 (for VIP). Then multiply that number by 5.

In the Home section of the App, select the Offers and Rewards section. Here Members will see any redemption options available. Available rewards have a redemption button and unavailable rewards will open to an in App window with more information. To redeem, tap on the reward, and Members will get an option to either scan the reward in the Café or start an in App order.

Tier Rewards | in App rewards
You'll be placed in designated tiers (Purple, Silver, and Gold) as you earn points. When you have earned points moving you to a higher tier, you will get a push notification and can see the redeemable rewards in the "Redeem Your Points!" section on the home screen. Please note push notifications are in accordance with your app notification settings. To redeem a reward just tap on it, then tap "Redeem" in your check-out process or show the QR code on your phone to the cashier. Only available rewards corresponding with your points total will be redeemable. You can always select any points reward to learn more.

Welcome Offers | in App rewards
Welcome Offers will be rewarded to all new The Coffee Bean ® Rewards Members. New Members will see their Welcome Reward on the home screen.

Based on the number of points you earn in twelve (12) months, Members will be placed in either the Purple, Silver, or Gold tier. Each tier has certain benefits. To find out what tier you are in, tap on the Home button at the bottom of your App. You can see your Member status under your name at the top of this section. Below is a breakdown of the tiers:

Purple Tier | no minimum points
No minimum points needed. Earn monthly perks just for being an App user.

Silver Tier | 2,500 minimum points
Must earn 2,500 points in a calendar year to stay in this tier. Same rewards as Purple tier and gifted 4 Free Drinks per year (1 drink per Quarter).

Gold Tier | 5,000 minimum points
Must earn 5,000 points in a calendar year to stay in this tier. Same rewards as Purple tier and gifted 12 Free Drinks per year (1 drink per month).

Stay active to keep your points
You must make a minimum of one (1) purchase or check-in at a café using The Coffee Bean Rewards® App within six (6) months or points will expire.

Pay & Check-in

There are two ways to earn points - just place an order in the app or check-in to earn points at participating cafés if you choose to pay outside of the app.

Check in to earn points
Just tap the QR code located at the top of the app, and then tap "Check-In" at the top of the screen. Show your phone to the cashier to check in and earn points for your purchase.

Automatically earn points with mobile pay
Once you've added The Coffee Bean® Card, just tap "Scan" and show your phone to the cashier to pay and earn points at the same time.

Creating a new The Coffee Bean® Card
It's really fast to get The Coffee Bean® Card so you can use the app to pay in store. Just tap "Create New Digital Card" on the pay screen. Once you've created your card, it's easy to load money onto it later.

Reloading The Coffee Bean®Cards
Any The Coffee Bean® Card you have in the app can be loaded with a credit card or Apple Pay / Android Pay. We'll securely save your payment info so you can quickly reload later – even while in line at the store!

Adding an existing The Coffee Bean® Card
If you have an existing gift card from The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf® you can import it into the app to pay in store. Just tap "Add Existing Gift Card" on the Pay screen (or if you have cards in the app already, tap "More" at the bottom of the screen, tap "Manage Cards" in the menu, then tap the "+" button at the top of the screen). Once you have imported a card you can easily load more money onto it.

Participating Stores

Rewards and mobile pay are now available at participating stores with more coming online soon! You can see stores that support rewards and mobile pay in the Stores section of the app (look for icons for "Rewards" and "Payments") or the Locations page of this website.


"Do all Loyalty Members have to update the App?"
Yes, to continue enjoying the benefits of the Reward Program, all Members will have to update the App.

"Can I order a Free Drink with more than 2 modifiers?"
Free Drink rewards will have a limit of two (2) free modifiers.

"Will I have to log back into the App after updating it?"
Most or all Members will have to log back in once they have updated the App. If you do not remember your password, please use the’ Forgot Password’ option.

"Will the check-in process change?"
There will be no change to the way you check-in. You will still use the QR code on the Home page of the App or place an order directly in App!

"Will I have to download a new App or create another account?"
No, this is the same App with an updated look! All information will migrate over. However, an update and re-logging in the App is required.

"Do bonus points count towards tier upgrades?"
No, only the original purchase amount equivalent to points will be counted towards a Member’s tier. In the event of a bonus points promotion, these points will not count towards a tier upgrade but will be redeemable towards Tier Rewards. For example, if a member spends $10 in a transaction and there is a 2x bonus point reward, only 50 points will be counted toward a Member’s tier qualification, however, 100 points will be available to redeem towards Tier Rewards.

"Why has my tier changed?"
You must maintain a minimum balance in accordance with the Silver Tier (2,500 points) or Gold Tier (5,000 points) to risk being downgraded into a tier matching your current points accumulated in a calendar year.

"Who do I contact with questions regarding the App?"
Please contact Guest Relations at Guesthelp.coffeebean.com

"Help, my rewards or points aren't showing up"
Keep your receipt and wait at least 24 hours to submit your request. From then on you have up to 30 days to claim your points. You can only claim points twice per month, so be careful not to forget your phone too often. https://www.coffeebeanrewards.com/rewards/claim